Hello, World!  Welcome to my website, Inspire Them To Love Music.  My name is Susan Loy-Milletics and this is my first blogging website.

I want to help music teachers and musicians spread the joy of music.  Blog  categories will have posts about:

  • INSPIRATION: Ideas for teaching music in the private studio and in the general music classroom
  • INTERVIEWS: Chats with inspiring instructors and musicians
  • SINGLE REED TIPS: Helpful suggestions for clarinet and saxophone players about reeds, technique, instruments and more!
  • MUSIC SKILLS: articles about ear training, practicing, developing musicality for instructors and musicians
  • FILM AND TELEVISION MUSIC: articles about teaching film and television music, understanding how film music functions, great composers, and scores
  • REVIEWS:  of helpful books and products (reeds, instruments, tuners, software, etc.) for musicians and music teachers
  • A RESOURCE PAGE: will include links to helpful sites and free printables

Who knows what else?!  I’m told blogging is a fluid thing, so look for additions and changes.  And, coming soon will be a FREE Guide to Understanding and Teaching Film Music!

It is my goal to inspire students of any age to enjoy music and embrace the power of music in their lives.

So check around.  Let me know what kind of articles you would find helpful.

Keep Music in Your Heart,