This page features embedded videos of interviews I have conducted with teachers and musicians that I deeply admire.  All of these musicians have wonderful ideas to inspire us and genuine wisdom to empower us.




Larry Vittone, Director of the West Shore Youth Band:  Connecting with Students and Community

August 8, 2017

The West Shore Youth Band was established by Larry Vittone as an outlet for young musicians in grades 6-8.   As there are few opportunities for young band students outside of school programs, the West Shore Youth Band provides a unique and valuable service.  Students are invited to join the group based on recommendations from their band directors and private instructors. An important aspect of the program is the chance for students to experience the value of music performance in their home communities.   And, many of these students go on to become life-long musicians!


Upcoming interviews to come: Gretchen Dekker (Director of the YCP Community Music School, pianist, early music expert and extraordinary teacher!) and Mark Wesling (super-sized music career as a solo guitarist, guitar studio owner, teacher, composer, and artist!)